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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  September 2, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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we'll be in the 80s. by lunchtime, up to 90 degrees and climbing. neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast when i come back. first, jillian mele has traffic. morning, jillian. >> good tuesday morning to you, bill. a lot of the majors are quiet now. if you're traveling through center city, philadelphia, we still have some closures along the ben franklin parkway just outside the art museum because of cleanup from that made in america festival. this is a live look at 76 near route 202. 76 is quiet. 202 is clear. if you're traveling in pottstown, watch for police activity east high street right at beach street. use caution at that intersection. we still have this accident out of douglassville, 422 near old swede road. the ben franklin bridge. looking good in both directions. you'll notice we do have this construction out there. again, it's been out there on the westbound side as drivers head into philadelphia. so one lane is blocked right now. three lanes are getting by into philadelphia. so that's something we'll continue to monitor because later in the morning that can cause a slowdown. and finally, this is a live look at a pretty quiet route 73 out near 295. tracy?
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dismantling the dream. one day after shutting down the hotel side of the resort, revel casino will close this morning. after just two short years, the project that many hoped would turn atlantic city around is folding. and in less than an hour, the casino floor will go dark and thousands of people will be out of work. the casino officially closes at 6:00 this morning. this is just the latest casino to fall victim to the economic crisis facing the resort town. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in atlantic city as the countdown to revel's closing. jesse, tell us what's says happening right now. >> reporter: well, tracy, i just checked inside the casino with management. and they say they're going to make an announcement right about now that the casino is closing at 6:00. and then at 6:00, the doors close. they say everyone, guests, patrons and staffers will be out of the casino at 7:00 a.m. let's take a look at our video. this comes on the heels of the hotel closing yesterday. work crews removed a large lettering outside on the bricks that had been vandalized. we caught up with one regular
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patron who says she's been coming since revel opened. i asked her how she feels now that it's closing. >> kind of sad. it was a good casino. i won a lot in the beginning. but then i wasn't winning that much. but i'm shocked it's closed. >> reporter: and the closing is such a big story. there is a crew here from japan. channel 5 in tokyo covering this. we talked to them, tried to get their impressions of why they're here and why this is a big story. we'll hear their comments coming up in the next half hour. live in atlantic city this morning. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> here's what will happen in the next hour. casino security will immediately gather the money and the gambling chips from each table game and slot machine. security will try to clear the floor as quickly as possible. customers will have until september 30th to cash out their winnings. if you wait any later than that, you'll have to file a claim with revel's bankruptcy case. even when revel is locked up, some workers will stay inside to
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remove equipment and to attract a new buyer. you can count on nbc 10 and for continuing coverage of the casino crisis. you can log on now for a time line of the other casino closings. and more on the impact to atlantic city's economy. three minutes after 5:00 now. happening today, a bucks county high school is prepared to honor three teenagers who died in a crash over the weekend. there's a vigil planned for this evening for shamus digney, keffer. they were killed in a crash on saturday near the poconos. yesterday hundreds of students and staff members gathered at the school to mourn the three friends. grief counselors were there for the students. >> everyone was crying. it was very sad. tears everywhere. no one really wanted to talk about it. >> there are no words to speak the loss. and as a school community, we just reach out to the parents and let them know that we're there for them and that we are just horribly affected by the loss of these three great kids.
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>> by all accounts, these three young men were very popular. school leaders say the teens played soccer, lacrosse and basketball at castle rock south. we actually received a statement from ryan lesher's family. it says, quote, we are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support. ryan was a truly special young man, and we are deeply devastated by his loss. our hearts and prayers go out to the digney and keffer families. meantime, a school in atlantic county will provide support to student s after a student was critically hurt in an accident on route 40 in hamilton township. she is on life support right now. she and four soccer teammates were on their way to a charity tournament when a car crossed over the centerline and hit their car saturday morning. students and teachers gathered that day at mainland regional high school to comfort one another. and today the school in lynnwood will hold a special assembly to provide support. counselors will be there. school officially starts there on thursday. here's what we're keeping our eye on today.
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testimony will continue in the trial of the woman who's accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl taking her straight out of her school. prosecutors say christina knew that little girl from an after-school care program. and here's a look at the surveillance video that's part of this trial. prosecutors say that's her dressed in the muslim clothing taking the girl from brian elementary school in january 2013. today prosecutors are expected to call forensics and law enforcement experts to the stand. also happening today in philadelphia, three teachers accused in a cheating scandal are expected in court for a preliminary hearing. vicente, hughes and sloane are among the educators facing charges. accused of helping students at an elementary cheat on state tests from 2009 through 2011. authorities say after the cheating stopped, students' scores dropped dra namaticalldr. governor jack markell is pushing this week for high school seniors to continue their education and training beyond graduation. he's going to visit william penn high and concord high school in
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new castle county this morning to tell students about resources and programs that are available. and the governor will visit four other schools this week. students in camden also head back to school this morning. the superintendent says there will be a clear focus on safety as well as student achievement. mayor dana redd, police chief scott thompson and the superintendent will all greet parents as they return to their schools today. philadelphia students won't be going back to school until next week, but some celebrated their final days of summer with a back too school and block party in north philadelphia. that event sponsored by the one day at a time program. 100 backpacks given out filled with supplies for students. philadelphia police are trying to figure out who vandalized nearly a dozen cars on sunday night on f street in longcrest. police say the vandal used a sharp object to crack ten windows. residents say this isn't the first time something like this has happened. and they're pushing police for more frequent patrols. the coastal fire bureau has
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spent more than $50,000 in overtime. that's according to a report in the daily local newspaper that cites city documents. those overtime costs were just over the past seven months. the fired administrator tells the newspaper there aren't many volunteers in the department, and the full-time firefighters have to pick up those extra hours. well, the heat may be on, but you can keep the electricity turned down. >> delmarva power is actually asking customers in delaware to conserve energy today. and if you conserve, there are bill credits available. but here's what you need to do. you need to set your air conditioner to 78. keep your shades closed, keep the sun out and limit nonessential appliances. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> well, unfortunately this is the day when you're going to need the air conditioning more than ever. it's going to be the hottest day of the week. and the humidity is higher, too. we're starting off with some very high humidity. right now the temperatures are in the 70s. but that's going to change in a big way. we're heading into the 90s this afternoon.
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take hot weather, high humidity and thunderstorms. but they're going to wait until late this afternoon into this evening. don't expect the rain to bring cooling. right now 70 degrees in allentown. clear skies in northeast philadelphia. and 78 degrees and 74 in millville. we should be in the 60s at this hour this time of year. but the high humidity is keeping the temperatures higher. temperatures are going to really start climbing when he's clear skies turn sunny in about just under an hour and a half. satellite shows clouds have really thinned out overnight. we'll see nothing but sunshine this morning. and into the afternoon. but later in the afternoon, there's a chance we'll see some showers and thunderstorms. not much to show you on the radar. there are some showers moving through west virginia. that's a possibility for us later today. in fact, some heavy downpours are possible. most of the day dry. 84 degrees for the pocono mountains. partly sunny in the mountains. more sunshine for allentown, quakertown. reading, 90 this afternoon. and into the 90s for northeast
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philadelphia, trenton and mount holly. it's upper 80s along the coast for the jersey shore and delaware beaches. 87 in atlantic city. look at vineland, 92. and 94cbjhñ today for dover. more heat in philadelphia all up to 93 degrees. late this afternoon and early this evening, there's a possibility of some storms. and the possibility of more heat. pretty good. the seven-day forecast as we look towards the weekend when i come back. nine minutes after 5:00 now. let's take a look at the highways to see if there's anything out there to slow you down this morning. >> first alert traffic reporter jillian mele has that. >> good morning. things are pretty quiet. the platte bridge looks great in both directions. and the commodore bridge, you know we've had a long-term construction project, that's since wrapped up. this is the first full morning when you can expect to see the bridge completely reopened. 50 miles per hour on 202. 55 on the blue route and 64 on the pennsylvania turnpike.
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we have some police activity in pottstown. east high street near beach street shouldn't cause too much of a disruption. but it is something to be aware of. and finally for drivers in delaware this morning, route 1 is quiet near the dover toll plaza. coming up, a check of that accident in burkes county and information you need to know. tracy. 10 after 5:00 right now. back to school amid budget cuts. who will be paying for all the supplies that your kids need for the new school year? katie zachry is following that story. >> reporter: hi, tracy. we're back to the classroom in just a few days for these students, but they're going to be toting with them more than just the typical pens and paper. we'll have more of the details after the break. plus, a big step forward in fighting ebola. the clinical trials starting today and how soon the vaccine could be ready. and a live look outside at 5:10, 76 degrees. don't forget, you can download the first alert weather app. and you can track any of those
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storms that might pop up in your neighborhood later today.
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hard to believe, but summer vacation is over. and school is starting again for thousands of kids in this area today. but in philadelphia, classrooms, teachers and parents will have to pay for a little more than they used to thanks to the district's budget crisis. philadelphia schools are starting the year $81 million in the red. they're already scaling back on transportation for students,
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reducing sanitation services, and cutting school police officers. but what about those supplies that the district used to provide? nbc 10's katie zachry is live to explain who's picking up the tab for that. katie? >> reporter: chris, it's teachers and students being asked to cover some of those additional costs. at one middle school in particular, students are being asked to bring with them several reams of this heavy copy paper. and that's just the beginning. >> we're asking students to at least bring two reams of paper for students. >> reporter: this middle school teachers wishes for their students' sake the lists stop there. but she like many philadelphia public school teachers cannot afford to spend $1,000 or more out of pocket for classroom supplies that the district used to cover. >> some of the novels that the school would usually provide, the school doesn't have those anymore. the parents usually buy the books because there's no money in the budget for supplies. >> reporter: she and her fellow teachers are asking students this year to bring things like paper towels, hand sanitizer and
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soap. she blames the district's budget crisis. parents do, too. >> it does not surprise me because the school district is losing so much money this year. it's just bad for the children. >> reporter: and financially hard on parents. >> okay, sweetheart, sit up. >> reporter: michelle drake is raising daughter simone by herself. michelle starts college this month. while simone goes to school for the first time and will be toting to class a backpack full of supplies. >> she'll be going to head start, and she requires some notebooks, a book bag and also pencils and things like that. they can add up. yes, it does. especially when you're paying rent. >> reporter: and in light of that, there's one philadelphia group that we learned of that's aiming and trying to offset the costs of these additional school supplies. i'll have that story for you at 6:15. katie zachry, nbc 10 news. >> count on nbc 10 to help you get ready for back to school. katie's reports will continue through monday. tomorrow she looks at the impact
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the philadelphia school budget crisis is having on other schools in the area. remember, you can always get more information at log on now to check out our special section for tips, trends and news for the upcoming school year. it is 5:16. happening today, testing begins on an experimental vaccine for the ebola virus. the national institutes of health will test 20 adults to see if their immune systems respond to the virus. the results will not be known until the end of the year. the vaccine was developed by the nih and glaxo smith kline. tests for other ebola vaccines will happen in the fall. an outbreak has killed more than 1500 people in west africa. all troops have been rescued after a u.s. marine corps helicopter crashed into the sea in the middle east. the helicopter crashed yesterday as it tried to land on a navy ship in waters south of yemen. the 17 marines and 8 navy sailors were rescued. some sustained minor injuries. and developing right now, u.s. forces have targeted isl
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islamic extremists in somalia. according to officials, an armed drone launched missiles against at least two vehicles. this u.s. action came shortly after islamist militants attacked a government site in mogadishu. officials believe that they were trying to free other rebels being held inside that building. a bomb was detonated before gunmen stormed the government compound. but they did not reach the underground cells where those rebels are being held. for you, the u.s. military also carried out more air strikes against isis targets in northern iraq. u.s. central command said three air strikes were near the mosul dam. it's said that those strikes destroyed three isis trucks, an armed vehicle and a mortar position near the dam. president obama is preparing to leave on an overseas trip aimed at rallying support for ukraine and against isis. his first stop is estonia, a former soviet state worried about becoming the next target of russian aggression. while there, the president will also meet with leaders of latvia and lithuania. they're also concerned about the growing russian threat. the president will attend a nato
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summit later this week in wales where one of the items on the agenda will be how to deal with isis in iraq and syria. speaking of the president and traveling, take a look at this. the president returned to washington from milwaukee yesterday afternoon underneath a rainbow. air force one landed at joint base andrews with a full rainbow in sight. the president was returning from wisconsin where he spoke at a pro-labor rally about raising the minimum wage. from bridgegate to tailgate. this from our jersey shore bureau. a driver who thought he had been cut off by chris christie's motorcade decided to tailgate the group for a while. the governor was on his way to island beach state park over the weekend. christie was not in the suv that was being followed. he was in another vehicle that continued on to the beach house while the suv being followed pulled into the seaside park police station. the state trooper driving that suv got out and spoke to the other driver who was following closely. no charges were filed. 18 minutes past 5:00 right now. a lot of people getting back into their morning routine. so let's get you updated on the
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roads. >> first alert traffic reporter jillian mele has her eyes on the roads and mass transit. >> officials just sent out a release a few minutes ago with information regarding the norristown line. this is new information for today. i have it all on the screen right here. here's what's happening. track work done on the manayunk line. this is going to be impacting the commuters heading inbound into center city, philadelphia. if you would be departing from main street, norristown transportation center, spring mill and the miquon stations, those trains are expected to leave the stations five minutes earlier than scheduled. also this is important to note. this is only for a few hours. during the day, later morning hours, all passengers are to board from the outbound platform at conshohocken, spring mill between 8:45 and 2:30 p.m. again, this is today through september 14th. i know it's a lot of information, so i'll be reminding you throughout the  morning. i'll also post it on twitter. i am still following an accident out of burks county in
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douglassville near old swede road. so far that is the only accident of the morning. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> warm start yesterday. a warmer start this morning. and the humidity, it's ramped up as well. this is a live view of boathouse row. very little movement on the skukle this morning. very little wind. the philadelphia international, just a three-mile-an-hour breeze out of the southwest. humidity 84%. it's 77 right now. the temperatures still falling. we're still more than an hour away from sunrise. and with very light to no wind, we're seeing some areas of fog form. none right in the immediate philadelphia area, but blue bell has a mile and a quarter visiblity. very light fog in the allentown area. it's thick in lancaster. quarter-mile visibility now. no issue for wilmington, philadelphia international or northeast philadelphia. trenton has seen some very light fog this morning. but it's not a problem. and most of delaware and south
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jersey. so don't be surprised to see a little fog. we will see a quick warm-up today. and that's going to lead to not only the fog disappearing but something that didn't happen yesterday. temperatures into the 90s. and a potential for late-day storms. storms are moving into the midwest by late this afternoon and this evening. we'll see them pop up in philadelphia. until then, temperatures going up. 9:00 this morning, 81 degrees in philadelphia. by lunchtime, we'll be in the 90-degree mark and climbing into the lower 90s during the afternoon hours. with showers and thunderstorms and potentially some heavy downpours during the early evening hours. at 7:00 this evening, the storms moving in from the west will be a possibility into the evening hours. and even early tomorrow morning, some of the area will see some showers. hot and very humid today. 90s this afternoon with late-day showers and thunderstorms. tomorrow, the storms take a break. 89 degrees, the high temperature. then it's back into the 90s for thursday and friday with the humidity returning friday.
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and more storms possibly this weekend. byod, bring your own device. the just-release survey that tells us what travelers think about paying to surf the web while on a plane and how that could impact your next flight. plus, what's fat, furry and covered in venom. the warning about a dangerous insect starting to creep into this area.
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5:24. a live look at boathouse row.
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76 degrees already, and it feels warmer than that when you step outside. very muggy out there. meteorologist bill henley says it will probably be the hottest day of the year, highs in the mid-90s. and some possible storms later today. he'll return in a moment to tell us about it. this just in. travelers think they should pay less for flights. travelers say they want to benefit from airlines who ask passengers to bring their own devices to watch movies and tv. a survey by a mobile consumer feedback company says that 87% of travelers questioned believe the bring your own device policy saved airlines money. 94% of those say they deserve to benefit from that savings with either cheaper airfare or a break on those baggage fees. apple's next iphone could double as a mobile wallet. here to tell us more about that is jackie deangelis with cnbc business news. jackie? >> reporter: hi, good morning to you, tracy. well, every time apple makes a mauve, of course, wall street is watching. and now it is reportedly signed some deals with visa, mastercard and american express to turn the next iphone into a mobile
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wallet. users will be able to use their smartphone to pay for things at banks and retailers with just the touch of a finger through the use of what's known as near field communication chips. the iphone 6, of course, expected to be unveiled next week. and we will all be watching for that. back to you. >> right. september 9th. we'll all be paying with our phones. thanks. jackie deangelis with cnbc, thanks. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> it's a steamy start this morning. very high humidity. and it's going to be a hot afternoon. possibly the hottest day of the week, which may turn out to be the hottest week of the year. this is a live view from center city. we're watching for some areas of fog. right now it's 76 degrees at 5:26. jillian mele is watching for stuff, too, traffic, that is. jillian? >> good morning to you, bill. if you are traveling through center city, don't forget, you still have closures along the ben franklin parkway in front of the art museum because of cleanup that's happening from the made in america concert.
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but if you're heading out on 422, this is what it's looking like near the pennsylvania turnpike. it is quiet here. but elsewhere on 422 in burks county, i'm following an accident. details coming up in just a few minutes. the countdown is at "t" minus 32 minutes. >> stage two of the revel closing is just minutes away. our jesse gary is live with that story this morning. jesse? >> reporter: that's right. and ahead of that closing, they have started to chain the steps that lead up to the front door stairs. so they are getting ready to close down. we'll have more on this coming up in just a minute. and brewing business. lawmakers unveil legislation they say could create jobs and better beer.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> a $2 billion gamble down the drain. this morning, revels casino is closing. it's the second stage in the resort's demise, putting thousands of people out of work. remembering their classmates. tonight, a bucks county high school will hold a vigil for three teens killed in a crash. and hot and humid. a live look outside. steamy start to the new school year for many students. your nbc 10 first alert back-to-school forecast just ahead. good morning and welcome. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema.


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